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Where you need IT,

And the way you need IT.

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How of Computer Repair

We diagnose your system, carefully and clearly explaining your repair options in plain English... No geek speak to confuse you.

When of Computer Repair

Same Day, Next Day, On-Site or 5 Day service, our clients can choose the option that best suits their need. We also provide Emergency services for business critical service.

Where of Computer Repair

Convenient store locations, Remote Services or On-Site services makes choosing where you get your computer repaired less stressful.



Professional, Customer- Centric Computer Repair

COMPUTER PROBLEMS? brings the highest level of professionalism and customer service to computer repair…whether you need one or 25 computers fixed, or an entire system overhauled. When you “call on RED,” you’ll get your computer problems resolved by technical advisors who specialize in user-friendly language. We give you clear explanations of what issues need addressing, options for resolving your computer problem, and accurate estimates of how long repairs may take.

Our Mission: Relationship = Difference

Since our founding in 2001 by Rodney Everhart, our mission has been to provide the most professional, client-centered computer repair services possible. We believe you should be in control of the how, when, and where of computer repair: You choose HOW you wish to pursue any repairs needed, WHEN you need repairs completed, and WHERE you want to have your equipment fixed.

Companies who “call on RED” depend on us to be their strategic technology partner because they’ve seen first- hand that RED stands for “relationship = difference.”

About Call on Red

Rodney Everhart is a man with a mission. His goal? To improve people’s experience when they need computer repair.

Everhart began Red Computer Services as a one-man operation in 2001. Today, the business helps both businesses and home users solve their computer problems. Since its expansion into a retail location in 2005, the company offers its customers the How, When and Where of computer repair: clients can choose how they wish to pursue the repair, when they need it ready and where they want to have it fixed.

“I believe clients should be served at their convenience,” Everhart says. “I want every customer to feel comfortable and have a complete understanding of the repair process.”

With an eye towards exponential growth the company, newly named Computer Problems?, plans to open several more service centers in the future. Helping to lead the charge is new partner, John Estep, easily identifiable by his jaunty hat as well as his mix of excellent customer relations skills and computer expertise. Together Everhart, Estep and all of the Computer Problems? Associates are committed to providing the most professional, client-centered services possible making it easier than ever to “Call on Red” for computer repair.